Thursday, 1 December 2011

With great power comes great responsibility

Ok, maybe that's a teensy bit melodramatic, but still. Remember my lovely pink post-it note plot plan extraordinaire from last week? (still hidden in wardrobe due to covetous hands of small daughter.) Well it gave the girl-child ideas. Ideas that meant I had to hand over post-its and that involved some plotting two-year-old style.

Edgy YA? Possibly

Boy three was less show and more tell when he announced 'I want to write books like mom when I grow up'. So this week I am feeling somewhat proud that my kids want to be like me and somewhat aware of the responsibility of having kids in the first place (not that this is news to me. I've had kids a looooong time), and somewhat delighted/horrified that my agent, my awesome writer's circle (whose blogs you can find here, Amaleen Ison, here, J.D. Field, here Kristine Goodfellow and here Rebecca Hart) and hopefully swathes of random strangers are not going to be the only people that read my book. Mr S is going to read it! My KIDS are going to read it!

This makes me feel funny inside. How do you feel about other people reading your work?


  1. I enjoy writing, and would probably still do it even if the stories never saw the light of day. Probably... The biggest boon in writing for me is having the chance to discuss it with a reader, to find out what they liked or hated, what they thought when the characters did this or that. What a feeling. :)

  2. I haven't stopped apologising for my writing, yet. I feel all kinds of funny when people tell me they are going to read my novella. Buy it by all means, but don't read it, please. Tehe.

  3. I'll try and adopt that attitude if/when the time comes Rebecca. But I saw my husband looking at my blog the other day and I was all 'NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!! you can't look!' And that's just the blog :P

    Amaleen, I'm all fine and dandy with strangers reading my book, but people I know? Yeah, I've already started apologising in advance. I have a very smart friend I went to college with who wrote his PhD on Moby Dick I think. He's asked if he can read it and my cheeks are all hot just THINKING about it. Yikes!

  4. Love the pics. You know you are being fanned when they mimic you.

  5. Hehe, thanks. Let's hope they write stories that require less editing :P


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