Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Happy and bittersweet birthdays

Tomorrow it's boy 3's birthday. And since what I gave him for his 3rd birthday was girl, it's also girl's birthday (don't worry, I got him other things that kids actually like too.)

This week I've been stockpiling dessicated coconut, pink sprinkles, magical edible gold dust stuff and mini-marshmallows. I even bought a piping bag for the icing, so let's not talk about how it might possibly maybe have been cheaper to buy a cake. Instead let's look at the pleasing result of a stupid amount of time used by me today.

Girl's girly coconut and raspberry cup cakes

Boy 3's chocolate cup cakes. As manly as a cup cake gets.

I sent my baby to bed tonight a two year old, and tomorrow she'll be three and I'll never have a two year old again.

Highlights of this year with her?
  • A few months ago she made up her first story while we were in the supermarket. 'A man had a peach, then he dropped the peach, then he got the peach back.' Beginning, middle, resolution. It's the perfect story. WHY CAN'T I DO THIS?
  • She accused her brothers of being miscreants. Gotta hand it to vocab like that.
  • I can't count the number of times she's smiled at me, kissed me, snuggled up to me, wanted me over all other people, called me her best friend and smashed my heart to bits with how much I love her.
  • She makes me laugh every day, and what she wants most for Christmas is butterfly wings and a pink screwdriver.
Why did I start this? Every day is a highlight!

Boy 3. Soon to be six whole years old. He writes me sweet notes to tell me he loves me and because he loves writing and because he gets self-conscious about saying it : )

He's thoughtful and sensitive and intense and fun. He's smart and beautiful.

Comedy photo-face.
So there you have it. Mother loves her children. Ground-breaking, right?


  1. Aww, well that just made me tear up. Very sweet. Happy birthday kiddies!!

  2. Those cakes look fantastic! And your children are gorgeous!

  3. Thanks :) They've had a lovely day, and they are rather gorgeous :D

  4. Aw, happy birthday to your kids! Those cupcakes look delicious by the way.

  5. love the cupcakes and the kids sure look like they loved it...hmm coffee and cupcakes sure sounds yummy :)

  6. Thanks Thomas and Kim :) We had a great day.

  7. You make the best fairy cakes, for sure! The kids look delighted. Lucky them :-)

  8. Awww, your kids are adorable!! And my 3rd kid also turned 3 last week! I totally get the feeling--that time goes by so quickly and somehow you want your 3yo to be a 2yo again, but then you're think you're being selfish because you don't want them to grow up and...oh. I think I'm speaking for myself now, lol.
    Thanks for sharing their pics--I love to watch pics. Always!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and sending those good vibes! :D

  9. Thanks Monica :) And you're welcome.

    I got a bit sappy because girl is my youngest and I don't intend to have any more. I want to baby the poor child forever!

  10. A pink screwdriver? randomly brilliant and very cute. well done.

  11. She ended up with a sort of lilac-coloured one Joe, but there will certainly be photos of those wings she wanted in future posts. I can't resist making people look at pics of my kids :D


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