Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New book plots, almost-kisses and pink post-it notes

 Probably there are computer fairies out there who make magical software that could do wondrous things to help me manage the awesome-new-plot of my favourite-new-idea for a book. And it's not like I don't like my laptop. I do. We have a very close relationship. I just like A3 paper and pink post-it notes too. Actually, before today, I've done the initial vague plotting of a book on A3 with mere scribbles and then numbered the scribbles to make a scruffily written and largely confusing map for myself. So when you think about it, the post-its are really a big step up and pretty much a technological advancement. Here's the product of this morning's efforts. 

And no, you probably can't see it, but there's a pink post-it down there with 'almost-kiss' written on it with a smiley face next to it (I'm so professional) which I am very much looking forward to writing (smiley face will be removed from end product.) I loves me an almost-kiss far better than an actual one because once it's done, it's done an you've lost that delicious tension and you can never go back*

*Refer teenage self to this point if time travel ever becomes possible.

Ok, that's quite enough silliness for today, but I'm still impressed with myself even if this seems naff to everybody else because I actually have SEVERAL post-its on the bottom piece of paper, which is the end of exciting-new-book. And what's more, they have things other than 'some...stuff happens, and the mc learns...something' on them. I may have to reward my fledgling plotting efforts with wine because future self is maybeprobably going to thank me for this when I have a finished book that has A PLOT.

So who's been plotting this week? How do you lovely people do it? Or maybe you prefer not to? Answers on a pink post-it please.


  1. Great idea for plotting! I agree, it helps immensely if you know where your story is going.

    For the novel I'm currently working on, which takes place over the course of the MC's entire life, I divided it into sections based on the major events that'll happen to him. Then, once I reach each section, I divide it into chapters and sort out the subplots for the section. That way I know where I'm going, but I have enough freedom to work in whatever I spontaneously come up with. It's working well so far, even though no pink post-its are involved.

  2. Sounds like a good plan ED. I'm learning from painful pantsing experience. I'd love to just make it up as I go, but I'm the world's worst editor, so it would be just great if this next book didn't require BIG picture edits quite as much as the current WiP.

    I guess pink post-its are optional, but I'm still rather partial to them after today's success :D

  3. Oh that seems like a lot of work!
    I've always admired people who have the patience to do things like that, lol. I'm more of a napkin kind of person, and then the bad thing is that I lose everything I write because I'm disorganized, so somehow I force myself to write on the computer, and put my ideas there. :)

  4. Computer will be the next step Monica, when those pink post-its have been shuffled into some kind of less fluid order. I may have to hide the post-its actually - my girl was eyeing them in a most covetous way this afternoon. God forbid she finds my pretty plan and rearranges it. I've hidden it in my wardrobe!

  5. Wow, Ruth. You're officially a plotter :-) Throw away your pants with the smiley face on!

  6. I thought I was a plotter but I discovered that, while plotting made me have to do less re-writing to fix plot holes not plotting created, it also made me enjoy the actual writing less. Almost like I was writing it for a second time. So it turns out I'd rather be a pantser. :D

  7. Amaleen - never!

    Ramona, I feel that way about my current revision. I'm not enjoying it quite as much because I know exactly where it's leading.

    I do, however, know that it's going to be a much better book when I've done it :)

  8. Ruth, as a young-adult myself I am really curious about your upcoming books and their plots. Please send me (free) copies when they are published? ;)

  9. Thomas I would LOVE your opinion on my book. Of course you might not be such a young adult by the time I'm published, but if I'm allowed to do such things, you shall have a shiny ARC : )


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