Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm sorry I stole the cat's identity

As part of my whole recently closetless existence, I joined Twitter. Anybody else using it? I'm @RuthLSteven if you are.

Using Twitter (love it by the way) put a question in my head. If I'm going to use my real name, how much of it should I use? Ruth Steven was taken (by who, I demand to know. Who the hell is called Ruth Steven?) Anyway, so I had to go with Ruth L Steven or Ruth Steven 20 (seriously, there's 20 of us?) and I got to thinking.

Awesome-new-YA-book by Ruth Steven


Awesome-new-YA-book by Ruth Lauren Steven

It never occurred to me before because I NEVER use this name in my every day life, the reason being that Lauren is my sister's name. I know, I know, what the hell's wrong with my parents? I don't know. It was the 70s.

But I thought about it, and guessed my sister wouldn't mind if I use it for my writing - after all, it is on my birth certificate.

Oh, and after I guessed, I did ask her, and she doesn't mind at all, which is more than I can say for the cat. He wasn't consulted at all (bear with me, this does make sense.)

Last year, after I'd written my first novel, I joined a writer's site. I may or may not have had a glass of wine in my hand while I did this. When I was asked to create a username, I balked at typing my actual name and cast my eyes quickly around the room. My cat looked back at me (in that vaguely contemptuous way that they do), and I typed 'Casper' into the writing site.

Now, as per my last post, I am out of the closet and owning up to my scribblings.

So the cat gets his name back, and I'm left with Ruth Steven or Ruth Lauren Steven. A friend suggested that I go with initials - R.L. Steven, but I like my name better than initials. I want it emblazoned on the front cover of my book - preferably with mini-fireworks and neon lights attached to each copy :D Thoughts?

Just searched for a pic of Casper, but can't find one (note to self: scan old photos) so here's something slightly related but cuter :)


  1. Yes, I'm on twitter - I've only recently joined mind - I'm not really sure what to make of it - some people respond when I reply to their tweets and some don't. Sometimes I feel a bit like a stalker on there :-)

    I'm @gabbrogirl BTW.

  2. Found you. It's socially acceptable stalking - I think that puts it into the category of weird, but fine. Like pomegranates.

  3. Can I suggest 'Ruth L Steven', thus adding a little mystery to your name. I know that's the naming style I'll be using on my future projects for myself. It seems to work well enough for Samuel L Jackson!

  4. I hadn't thought of that Ste (which seems rather daft of me since it's my Twitter name and therefore what originally made me think about my name in the first place! :P)

  5. Aw, that's a cute pic!
    And I like Ruth Steven! :D

  6. Thanks Monica. That's boy #3 a couple of weeks ago before a much-needed haircut!

  7. LOL, my boys always need haircuts! :P

  8. Thanks Amaleen. I'm trying it out at the top of the blog now!

  9. Hi Ruth! It's Kristine (otherwise known by blogspot as anonymous). I like Ruth Lauren Stevens. It's very lyrical. Oh, and R.L. Stevens reminded me too much of R.L. Stein. Maybe because my kids devoured those books and its on my brain. I'm exicted that you came out of the writing closet. :)

  10. I always assume that Anon is you K :)

    I should probably get some work done rather than dream about book covers with Ruth Lauren Steven or Ruth Steven on them.

    Just five more minutes thinking about that cover...:D

  11. Hehe - love that pic! I like the name choice, by the way :P


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