Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nice things going on in the publishing world : )

So my friend, the fabulous agent Gemma Cooper has accepted a position at the fabulous Bent Agency! Good news for all concerned and good news for you too, since you can now query her there!

Here's the post making the announcement where Gemma gives a full list of what she's looking to acquire. Exciting! Look how many exclamation marks I used!

Other inneresting stuff: I'm trying to finish the first draft of this YA contemp I'm writing by the end of this month. I'm considering a pepperoni and cheese sandwich for lunch. Harper are accepting unagented submissions for a short time next month.

Here's where you can find Harper Voyager guidelines for digital submission

And here are some of the details I took straight from their site.

Keen to become a Harper Voyager author? Here’s your chance to join the imprint that publishes some of the biggest names in fantastic fiction—George R. R. Martin, Kim Harrison, Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb, Richard Kadrey, Sara Douglass, Peter V. Brett and Kylie Chan—to name but a few.

For the first time in over a decade, Harper Voyager are opening the doors to unsolicited submissions in order to seek new authors with fresh voices, strong storytelling abilities, original ideas and compelling storylines. So, if you believe your manuscript has these qualities, then we want to read it!

We’re seeking all kinds of adult and young adult speculative fiction for digital publication, but particularly epic fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural. For more idea of the type of books we love to read and publish, check out our authors and their titles at

Submissions for digital originals will be open for a limited two-week period from 1st to the 14th of October, 2012.

Worth a look!


  1. I can only imagine how swamped they will be with submissions. Too bad I haven't finished my wip. It's YA horror.

    Thanks for the heads up about your friend. :)

  2. :) I just read this morning the Gemma Cooper was leaving Bright. I wondered where she was headed. Now I know! Thanks!

  3. Very informative post! Gemma will be an awesome addition to The Bent Agency for sure.

  4. Very cool about the open submissions :) And yay Gemma! <3 <3 <3

  5. Great news for Gemma! What an opportunity!

  6. Pepperoni and cheese, huh? How was it? ;)


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