Monday, 3 September 2012

Books you need! By people I know!

Yes, this post is a shamless plug of books written by my friends. But if their blog posts, emails and general awesomeness are anything to go by, and I think they are, then you're going to want to purchase them when they come out. In fact you're probably going to want to purchase extra copies to give to everyone you know. Unless you don't love your friends. And I refuse to believe that about you. So here are the Goodreads listings and blurbs so you can prevent me from thinking you don't really love your mom/best friend/nephew/kids that much after all.

First up:

The Witch Hunter's BibleThe Witch Hunter's Bible by Michelle Krys
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I get to star this one because I already read it. In fact, I read it twice, and some parts of it more than that. AND IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER.

Here's the blurb: A snarky sixteen-year-old cheerleader is forced into a centuries-old war between witches and sorcerers only to uncover the first of many dark truths about her life.

Add it to Goodreads now! Write it in permanent marker on your head so you don't forget to buy it when it comes out!

Next up:

The SiloThe Silo by Amy Christine Parker

I haven't had the pleasure of reading this yet, but I WANT IT.

Here's the blurb: Follows a teenage girl named Lyla who has been living in a religious cult after the disappearance of her sister. While her parents are hopelessly under the sway of the group’s leader, Pioneer, Lyla is drawn into a dangerous situation when she begins to question Pioneer’s prophecy about the impending apocalypse.

Probably best if you tattoo the title onto someone you see on a regular basis lest you forget to get this book. 

  Reboot (Reboot, #1)Reboot by Amy Tintera

I haven't got my hands on this one yet either, but have you seen this blurb? *excited clapping*

Two teens who have "rebooted" after dying must work together to rescue their kind from enslavement and end up falling in love in the process.

Film rights were simultaneously optioned to Fox 2000 with Chernin Entertainment and Lane Shefter Bishop at Vast Entertainment producing, by Lucy Stille at Paradigm on behalf of Lane Shefter Bishop and Emmanuelle Morgen.

Next time you redecorate a room in your house, paint the title on one of the walls until this comes out and you buy it. 

Last but by no means least:

Beware the WildBeware the Wild by Natalie C. Parker

This one is by another Greenhouser : )

Natalie C Parker's BEWARE THE WILD, pitched as Twin Peaks meets The Village, in which a claustrophobic Louisiana town is dominated by its sinister, encroaching swamp, which swallows up a boy who is instantly forgotten by everyone except his sister, and replaced by a mysterious girl from the past who is intent on taking over his family and his life.

You are now bewitched by all the allure, but before you succumb completely, hire a PA for the sole purpose of taking you to the bookstore on the appropriate release date. 

*reserves the right to more fangirling when the covers come out*
*reserves the right to post enthusiastic reviews on publication of the above books*


  1. The loglines are fantastic. Cannot wait for these books to come out. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. I know - I'm so excited to start holding actual books by people I know!!

  2. You are so flippin sweet. Thanks for the plug! :D

    1. You're both very welcome. I'm looking forward to adding to this list as GFA gets more A :D

  3. The Witch Hunter's Bible is officially on my Goodreads'"to read" list. ;)

  4. Thanks, Ruth! You're the bestest!

  5. Yay, just saw this, thanks Ruth!! And I think we now need to do side by side red head pics. Yours looks AWESOME!!! My kids are still staring at mine like what the????!!!

    1. Thanks! Girl said 'Mama's hair is orange'. She's not wrong.

  6. Holding a book written by someone you know: yes, yes, I imagine that is very exciting! I'll be looking for these when they come out!

    Btw, I love the new hair, Ruth.

  7. Great blog.


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