Tuesday, 8 May 2012


 Ok, so April's blogging was filled with competitiony goodness, and it's likely that July's bloggery will be taken up with something similar too, so today (and although I'm going to pass on forwarding the Tag) I'm combining the questions that two of my lovely writer friends asked me for this Tag game thingy. Also, I'm not answering eleven questions. Also, I've cherry-picked the ones I wanted to answer. Yeah, stand back, I've gone renegade. 

 1. Which three books are at the top of your TBR pile?
Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1) Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Next one up is easy, because I've been press ganged into bumping this one up my tbr by the fangirl ravings of Michelle, who assures me this book is AWESOME.

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)Insurgent by Veronica Roth

After that is this little beauty, because I've only been reading YA for a couple of years and it will make me feel like one of the cool kids if I read something so shiny and new. I never said I wasn't shallow. 

The Weight of WaterThe Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan

Then there's this one. I'm reading other Greenhouse authors work and this is one of them. I hear it's different and unique and beautiful and moving. These are words I like.

2. Who is your favourite literary villain and why?

You know who does a good villain? Dickens. Complete with suggestively evil name. But my favourite clever, manipulative, grey-area villain in kidlit is Long John Silver. 
3. The world is going to end in 24 hours, how do you spend your last day on earth?

WHAT? I run to London, force a publishing house to sign a seven figure deal and hastily shove print outs of my book at panicked strangers who don't care because SOMEONE MUST READ THE DAMN THING. 

I'm kidding. Mostly.  

4. Vampire, werewolf, or other?

I'm a sucker (pun intended) for the vampire's. Always have been, always will be. I love them all. Notwithstanding the fact that Breaking Dawn Part 1 might have been the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.

Interview with the Vampire


5. What is your favourite perfume?

I am NOT only answering this one so you know what to get me for my birthday.

Ok, this is getting looong, so I'll do the other questions in another post.

Here are the blogs of the two writer friends who sent me these questions so I could subvert the game and ruin it for everyone. I think that was their intention anyway. 

Amaleen Ison's blog


  1. I've not heard of The Weight of Water, but I have the other two on my reading list. :-) I agree and I'm nodding about the vampires and the perfume. Looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. I already have The Weight of Water waiting for me on my Kindle. I'm very curious about it - I've heard great things!

  2. I love that perfume! Good choice!

    1. What's that you say? When is my birthday? Why, it's in July :D

  3. Ha! Love that you went renegade, totally following that example when I finally get around to posting mine!

    1. I can't seem to help it with these awards!

  4. I love these tags (even when the tagged goes rogue) because you get to learn little things about the bloggers that you follow! I love your "End of the world" response and am on your side with the vampires (well, the non-sparkly ones at least!)

    1. I nearly put The Lost Boys in as possibly the first time I was made aware of the coolness of vampires, but Twilight holds a special place in my heart, sparkles and all. Maybe I'll talk about that in Part 2 of the post :D

  5. Love this post. You're very funny. Why was Breaking Dawn Part 1 so disturbing?

    1. Thank you : )

      With BD, it just struck me how wrong the whole pregnancy/nibbling holes in Bella to get the baby out/fix her again was. Silly, because I've read the books and knew exactly what to expect! I think Part 2 will be less disturbing. Or I will be more drunk when watching it. Hard to say.


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