Friday, 11 May 2012

Tagged Part 2 (Hey, if it's good enough for Breaking Dawn.)

Part 2 of the subverted and highly self-indulgent Tagged post. You can read the first part here where I do at least say something about books.

6. Describe your ideal holiday destination.

Must have a forest. I like trees.

Must also have a lake. This one in New Zealand will do.

The Seychelles. It would be cool if they could be at hand too. Mr Steven could shade my laptop screen with palm fronds or what have you.
Venice. Yeah, I'm going to need that to be available. I don't like sand EVERY day, after all.

This is Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The rainbow is not optional - I must have it.
This is the the Eden Project in Cornwall in England. I've been here once, but it's way cool and this is my insane fantasy, so it should be close too.

Mount Fuji in Japan. I could write a beautiful book here.

Machu Picchu. COOL!

Paris. Must be at night. Must be raining. This holiday IS going to happen, right?
And while I'm visiting all of the above, I'll be staying in this cottage in the woods.
At the same time, I'll be staying at the Burgh Al Arab Hotel in Dubai because LOOK AT IT!
This is inside the hotel. Probably I'm staying right at the top.

7. If you could have written any YA book in history, which book would you choose and why?

To Kill A Mockingbird. And if the reasons aren't obvious you should go away and read it now. 
Also, Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma broke my heart and I don't think I could make myself write something that difficult and sad. I admire Suzuma greatly for being able to do it. Sometimes I feel like I wimped out and I don't like that.  

8. Choose one: your book is a literary masterpiece with tons of critical acclaim but very, very lacklustre sales, or your book is a blockbuster of a novel with millions upon millions of copies sold but others question its quality and it is nearly universally bashed in the writing community, a la Twilight. There's no in between choice (Nice try!)

Gah! Can I. But if. What about. Are you sure I can't have both? 

Actually, I will always love Twilight, because those books are the reason I picked up a laptop in the first place. My first novel wasn't exactly fanfic, but it was reasonably close. I thought, 'I'd love to do this, and if Stephenie Meyer can do it, maybe I can after all.' Turns out I was an idiot, and writing a book is hard. But I would never have written my second book and so never signed with Julia if I hadn't read Twilight. 

Ok, did I talk enough for you not to notice me not answering the question? I did? Super. 

I love you, Edward! 

9. You're forced to re-live one day of your life over and over again for eternity. Which day would you choose and why?

How hard if this question?! Think about it. I have kids, and when they were born, those were pretty great days - especially when baby4 turned out to be a girl. Bonus! But do I want to live those days again? Um, not even a tiny bit. 

My wedding day? Mr Steven and I have been married for thirteen years this year. Now, would I like to look like I did on that day? Hell yes. Said wedding dress is unattainably SMALL. Does raw silk shrink when exposed to, er, time? I can only assume it does. We'll put this day down as a maybe, because high on the list-of-things-I-suck-at are these weddingy things: a) being the centre of attention, b) graciously accepting compliments, c) having photos of me taken, d) engaging in small talk, e) kissing/hugging/touching people (yuck).

However, I do excel at these weddingy things: a) stuffing my face, b) accepting/consuming free wine. It's tricky. 

The blushing bride. So pretty!

Soooo, did I actually answer any of these questions? My next post WILL be about writing. Unless I see anything else lying around the internet that needs derailing. Or if I see something shiny.    


  1. Hehe, that wedding picture is priceless. :-)

    1. Yeah, I'm such a pretty little flower :D

  2. Omg I almost spit out my coffee at that wedding pic and caption. Too funny!!!

    Also, I've been to Paris, Venice, and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, plus the Seychelles and Machu Pichu were among the places I listed on my answer to this question...which I can only conclude means that WE ARE PERFECT VACATION PARTNERS!!! When are we going?

    1. AAAAHHH! That would be the most splendid thing to happen in the history of forever!

      Let me just grab my passport and my huge book advance : D

      Yeah, we should absolutely do this!

  3. I love that wedding photo! I swear I have one with the exact same expression. Also, unfortunately, I have many with a certain finger prominently displayed. Loved reading your thoughts.

    1. I'd like to say this was the worst one taken, but sadly I have one other...

  4. Hi there! I love reading your blog and constantly check it for updates :)

    I've awarded you the 'Versatile Blogger Award' on my blog!

    Head on over to check it out :)

  5. All of these places look amazing! Those waterfalls in Zimbabwe look insane! I wanna go :) and, I agree- waterfall is NOT optional! Happy Monday!


  6. Love your vacation options and will have to steal once I am rich enough to go...maybe when I'm eighty and someone has to wheel me there because I will be either too fat or too decrepit to walk:) AND the wedding photo is awesome!!

    1. Yeah, I'm not wasting time googling those place with a wistful look on my face instead of writing. Nope.


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