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Twelve year-old Wil Harris is cursed with bad timing. Once it almost cost him his life. Now, on the path to recovery, Wil has to put his trust in the one person who doesn’t deserve it, his brother Gage.

The mission is simple; survive the field trip of doom to the Whitmore museum without having a panic attack. Dealing with his space cadet brother as his companion isn’t so simple. After an ugly fight, Wil leads Gage on a frantic chase through the museum ending with Wil hiding out and eventually falling asleep in a closed exhibit area.

Wil’s curse of bad timing strikes again as he wakes in the middle of the night, locked inside the museum with a bunch of thieves who are stealing paintings. But when Wil sounds the alarm and help arrives, there’s no evidence of a crime – and because of his ‘delicate psychiatric condition’, no one believes Wil’s story.

Angry and embarrassed, Wil is determined to solve the crime and prove he’s not a drooling lunatic. His best (and only) friend Houston joins him and provides tons of support along with elaborate disguises to aid them in their mission. As they hunt for clues, dodge irritable security guards, thwart one vengeful brother, and escape from dangerous villains determined to put them out of commission forever, Wil’s handle on his fears is put to the ultimate test.

NIGHT OF THE MUSEUM CRASHERS is a middle grade mystery novel complete at 36,000 words.

Wil Harris paced across his bedroom floor. His favorite ball of fur, his dog JD, watched from his bed. Wil had been up since before dawn preparing as best he could for the field trip of doom. Now there was nothing left to do but wait. Wait and worry. Sunlight peeked through his blinds. He couldn’t wait any longer. He had to talk to someone.
He retrieved his flashlight from his backpack, pulled the cord on his blinds, and opened his window. He flashed his beam three times at the second story window of the house behind his. No answer. Houston was probably sleeping like the dead.
Bad choice of words.
He moved to lower the window and screamed as a face appeared. JD yelped and bolted under the bed.
“Peace, friend. It is only I, Houston the Brave, come to your rescue.” There she was. Standing on a ladder propped up against his second story window, still in her pajamas, kinky hair in two lop-sided puff balls on her head, yet she’d taken time to throw a glittery cape over her shoulders. Of course.
“Geez, you scared the crap outta me!” Wil clutched the flashlight to his chest. “How’d you drag that ladder all the way over here?”
“It’s collapsible,” she said. “And I’m stronger than I look. So are you.” She smiled and pushed passed him to climb inside. “You’re gonna be fine, Wils.”
“I don’t think I can do this.”
“Course you can. Look, your emergency bag’s all ready to go.” Houston kicked at his overstuffed backpack. “Bet you’ve thought of everything. Let’s test you. What do you do if Gage leaves you somewhere?”
“C’mon, Houston, I’m not five.”
“Okay then, ready for an earthquake?”
“Check.” Wil hugged his red backpack tight. “Got my flashlight.” He raised it in his hand then opened the bulging zipper to put it back in its rightful place. He pointed out the other objects inside. “First aid kit, food and water, whistle, dust mask, toothbrush and toothpaste, money, mom wouldn’t let me take any extra medication, but I did sneak a copy of my insurance card.” Wil smiled.
“Right. Well that sounds like you’re ready for any natural disaster, but what about an invasion of clowns?”
“You do know what to do when the clown apocalypse happens, don’t you?” Houston asked.
Wil smiled, then rolled his eyes.
“You spray them with seltzer water and wash off their makeup, everybody knows that.” Houston pulled a small plastic spray bottle out from the pocket of her pajamas, spraying him in the face. ”What would you do without me?”
“Shut up, Houston.” Wil laughed and shoved her.
“You gotta lighten up, Wils,” Houston said. “You’re gonna turn old before your time. Think I see some grey hairs already.”
He wrestled the bottle away and sprayed her back. She threw a pillow up to deflect the water.


  1. Love the banter and relationship you have between Houston and Wil! This sounds very cute. :)

  2. I love the voice in this and the friendship between Houston and Will. Lots of fun--I'd definitely keep reading to see where this is going!

  3. Such a fun opening! I like Will already :) This sounds like a fast-paced and enjoyable read, I hope you find a home for it!

  4. thanks so much! i hope others enjoy wil and houston as much as i enjoy writing about them.


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