Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The one where there's even more news from Christmas in July and it is also awesome

Remember this fantastic entry to Christmas in July? Of course you do, because SING TO THE WIND by Jaye Robin Brown is great and you know it is : D

She got three well deserved full requests from Christmas in July plus much agent interest from querying. You can check out Jaye's story on her blog wherein there is much encouragement and also stats.

And for those of you following the progress of #midlifecrisis, mainly manifested on the top of my head, here's the latest colour:

Yes, it's orange. No, it wasn't meant to be. Adding #bleachfail to #midlifecrisis.


  1. Love the hair colour. It really suits you!!

  2. I think you look beautiful! You could get away with rainbow colored hair and still look gorgeous!
    I've already popped over and congratulated JRob a few days ago. Such good news!

    1. Well thank you ladies. It was unintentional and there are some odd yellow roots and brown stripes, but nothing worse than it looked when I actually was a teenager!

      Loving that we are calling her JRob!! I would be ecstatic if all 15 of you got agents. Too much to ask for? I don't think so :)

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