Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunshine Award and Lucky Seven Tag

Thanks Dana for the Sunshine Award and Lucky Seven Tag!

Favorite color: Green. Grass and leaves and pandora beads. Oh, and wine bottles. Yes. Green is good.

Favorite animal: Red Pandas are good. Sea horses and snow leopards. Orang-Utans!

Favorite number: 8

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Fresh orange juice, diet coke. Am I supposed to stick to one? I don't suppose blogger will delete my account for going renegade on orange juice.

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter!

My passion: Stuff I love (excluding kids and Mr S?): WRITING (surprised? I know, I thought you would be), reading, my laptop, my Blackberry, my Kindle. I'm partial to a trip to the cinema too - mmm, fake popcorn.

Getting or giving presents: I feel vaguely self-conscious about both, but I like both.

Favorite pattern: Stripes are nice.

Favorite day of the week: Friday - as tribute to when I was a teenager and Friday held the most promise.

Favorite flower: Yellow roses. Orchids! Freesias and lavender and sweet-peas and I'll shut up now because I like ALL the flowers : )

Here's where I'm supposed to go to page 77 of my current ms and give you the 7 lines following the 7th line down.

Here's the problem: My WiP only has 63 pages so far. Um. Why can't I seem to follow the rules of these award thingies?!

And here are the seven blogs I'll pass this on to. Check them out!

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  1. I love yellow roses too!

    You should have just stolen a snippet from a different page :) We wouldn't have known. :)

    1. I had yellow roses when I got married :)

    2. Ooh, I love orchids and I agree with Kelley. You should post anyway I'd love to see it!

    3. Orchids rule.

      With the ms, somebody just made a very good point to me - which is that I don't know if I'm allowed to post excerpts of books that possibly maybe might be hopefully published : )

      So I suppose you'll all just have to wait until my book is on the shelves for those lines :D

    4. Thanks for the tag! And I agree with you about the movies and fake popcorn-the best!!

    5. God I love it. Fake hotdogs too. Good job I don't go very often :D

  2. Haha you should give us a snippet once you reach page 77! Good luck with drafting. :)

    1. Thanks! 25k in now and I'm loving it :)

  3. popcorn! Sometimes it's better than the actual movie!

    Happy Spring!

    1. I have to admit that, sometimes, I go to the cinema just so I can get a big fake hotdog and some pretend popcorn :D


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